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Bird Dog
"Windjammers Bustin Out" son wins 2014 Natonal Gun Dog Championship

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(760) 885-1612

P.O. Box 1882

12401 Fairlane Rd. Lucerne Valley, CA 92356

License # P11-000195

Welcome to the Hunting Dog Trainers


NGDC FC HK's Rockin Rocky
NGDC/FC HK's Rockin Rocky

We are the complete Personal Foot Hunting Dog Training Program. We are located in the beautiful Southern California High Desert community of Lucerne Valley centrally located just 2 hours from downtown Los Angeles. We train all pointing and flushing dogs for upland bird hunting. Our hunting dog training grounds include our own 20 acres of real "Wild Bird" High Desert Habitat with Quail and Chukar available year round and Pheasants upon request with thousands of unfenced wild acres surrounding our facility.

* * *

Greta on our Training Grounds

We believe your upland bird dog training should be done on the same type of grounds that you will be hunting. Our training facility is just that. Real hunting grounds on our own property for gun dog training and for training the novice handler. Our training  grounds are perfect for seeing your hunting dog training at all times in a natural wild surrounding so you can learn to handle your pointing dog or flushing dog correctly. We are a licensed kennel with the State of CA, County of San Bernardino and have a well lit 1400 square foot totally secured indoor heated and cooled boarding facility. It includes indoor individual kennel runs with misters and fans for summer, propane heater for winter and 5 large outdoor exercise areas that are shaded for summer heat. Your hunting dog is not just caged in a dog run or staked out on a chain all day when it isn't being worked. It will be outdoors training, exercising or relaxing in our indoor secured kennel building with other gun dogs for the remainder of the day. We want you and your dog to not only enjoy the training but your dog to be comfortable and safe during the stay here as well. Our facility is kept clean, sanitary and protected at all times.  Every dog at our kennel is required to be current on DHL, Parvo, and Rabies shots.

* * *

"A Litter of German Shorthair Pointer Pups"

We are breeders of German Shorthair Pointers and have puppies, started and finished broke hunting dogs for sale. Our dogs are bred for natural pointing instinct, intelligence, temperament, nose, style on point, and trainability.  See our foundation dogs to catch a glimpse of the outstanding lines our dogs are bred from on the "Pedigree" page.



Natural Pointing Instinct
"Breeding for Natural Pointing Instinct"


We are dedicated to breeding German Shorthair Pointers from specifically selected Field Champion lines to guarantee that these dogs will hunt Wild Upland Birds or compete in Field Trials at Local, Regional and National levels.  


I, Carl Porter GUARANTEE it!



* * *

Grace Starting Foundation Training

Carl Porter's "Hunting Dog" training includes starting your young puppy at about 4-6 months on a "Head Start Program", formal training of young 1-2 year old dogs for "Foundation Training" or breaking "Steady to Wing and Shot". and a complete training program for "Field Trial Training and Campaigning." Many hunters bring their bird dog in for a pre-season tune-up and conditioning to be ready for the upcoming hunting season. We also sell all hunting dog training equipment at a discounted price.

* * *

Mike's Gus
Mike's dog "Gus" showing off his "Skills"

Whether it be Hunting Dog Training or preparing and campaigning a German Shorthair Pointer for Field Trial Training, your needs can be met here at Hunting Dog Trainer Kennels. Call and let us set up the perfect program for you and your dogs needs.

* * *

He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog.
You are his life, his love, his leader.
He will be yours faithful and true to the last beat of his heart.
You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.



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Carl & Ophelia Porter
P.O. Box 1882
12401 Fairlane Road
Lucerne Valley, CA 92356

Licensed Kennel with the County of San Bernardino


State of California

760-885-1612 - 760-885-5924

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